The MINI surfski is the smallest surfski kayak of our fleet. We guarantee that there is no kayak that can compare to our creation which is based on kids

for children: 6-9 years old / up to 36kg
Length: 350cm
Width: 36cm
Weight: 7kg


The MAXI surfski is the largest single kayak of our fleet. It is very good for kids to start training for sprint kayak and be able to compete with their own stable, fast and legal measurements Future Kids kayak. It had been proved to be faster and more stable than a K1 when compared with other used in this age.

for children: 9-12 years old / up to 50kg
Length: 420cm
Width: 38cm
Weight: 9kg


The MAXI K2 is the largest boat size of our fleet. It has been created to the measurements of a young sprint k2, 550cm. It is proved to be faster than many of their competitors. It is also very stable.

for children: 9-12 years old / up to 100kg
Length: 550cm
Width: 39cm
Weight: 12kg